Top Ten Reasons to Use Your Favorite Local Framer

Thanks for being a loyal customer! We think you’re pretty amazing, and we hope the feeling is mutual. Here’s a reminder of some of the reasons you keep coming back to your favorite local framer (that’s us).

10. You know us and we know you – we’ve been around for years and we’re always available for a friendly chat. We’ve probably framed for your whole family at this point!

9. Your art never leaves the building. It’s safe and sound with us. All of our work is done on the premises.

8. We’ve got hundreds of frames! Check out our impressive moulding selection. We’d love to help you find the perfect frame.

7. We’re just around the corner – stop in on your way to pick up your morning latte or cookies from the bakery down the street. Bonus points if you bring us some.

6. In a hurry? You can talk us into getting it done quicker– rush orders are available if you needed your project finished, like, yesterday.

5. You can have your art framed, delivered, and installed, too. Ask us for details about the convenient services we provide to make your life a little easier.

4. There is no harming of art in the making of your project. We only use the best materials for our framing, like acid-free matting and UV-protected glass.

3. We’re not a big faceless conglomerate that sells everything from jingle bells to yarn. We’re a proud small business that puts our community first.

2. We set the bar… no, not for your favorite cocktail… for quality craftsmanship, superior customer service, and creative design.
… and the #1 Reason to Use Your Favorite Local Framer …

1. You can count on us to get it right. We guarantee our work so you have nothing to worry about.