Custom Picture and Fine Art Framing

Serving Reno, Sparks and Incline Village, NV & Truckee, CA

Bring in your photos or artwork for a complimentary design consultation and quote

The Custom Framing Process

Custom framing starts with a great design:

A simple design could be our Poster Special which gives you a choice of one of seven shades of a gold, black or silver metal frame, regular glass and a hanger to put it on your wall.

Designs are very difficult to do without having the art in front of us, which is why we ask that you bring in your artwork or pictures so that we can create the design together. We have over 3000 frames, over 300 mats and several different types of glass and acrylic.  A basic design could include a moulding (frame), mat and glass.

Designs can be as simple or creative as your taste and budget desires. Some customers know exactly what they want. For others, it's our job to guide you through the design process to get you to your "That's it!" moment. There is no wrong or right design, nor is there a time limit. If a customer knows exactly what they want, a design can be done in as little as 15 minutes, but it's not uncommon for us to spend up to an hour per piece with our customers. We want you to love your finished piece!

Each designer has their own style and taste so if you find that you prefer one designer over another, feel free to ask for the one that you like working with.

Design Examples

To the right is an example of 4 framing ideas for the print, each chosen by a different designer. Which one do you like the best?

Top left from the inside out shows a stacked mat, fillet, mat then frame.

Top right shows a different stacked mat, fillet, mat then frame.

Bottom right shows two mats, then a stacked frame.

Bottom left intentionally shows a completely different, but very simple mat and frame.

Which one do you like? There is no wrong answer. The right answer is unique to you and our goal is to find it.


Online Design

Want to create your own design from the comfort of your home or office? Larson-Juhl offers an online portal for you to upload your own photo or picture of your artwork to create your own custom frame design. You won't see nearly the selection we have in-store, but they offer three brands of mouldings, three brands of mats and some really cool features like choosing the color of the wall that your framed piece will hang on to make sure it will look fabulous.  When you have finished your design, we will receive an email with your design features so that we can send you a quote.