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Photo Frames

We have a wide selection of designer photo frames in 4”x 6”, 5”x 5”, 5”x 7” and 8”x 10” standard sizes, including handcrafted Global Art, Bella and Fotiou frames, as well as a collection of distinctive House of Mercier’s hand-wrapped leather frames.

This year's frame collection includes clear Prism frames with vibrant purple, lime and admiral blue, as well as Bella frames in cork, stitching and many more...

Most of our photo frames are upgraded with MUSEUM GLASS, featuring 99% protection (the highest available) from harmful UV light, as well as an anti-reflective, virtually invisible finish, for amazing clarity. The readymade frames found in the big box stores do not come close to this quality. Our photo frames, featuring state-of-the-art museum glass, allow you to enjoy the finer details of your photos for years to come. Don't let your memories fade away.

FUN FRAMES! We've also included some colorful frames with shamrocks, musical notes, and a golf ball, football and baseball texture.

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Wexel Art (2)

FLOATING FRAMES . . . “Hang Once, Add Art, Change Often”

We carry Wexel Art floating display frames made with clear polished acrylic and silver (other metal finishes available) wall mounts. Small impressively strong magnets pair up on the front and back to hold your art in place, allowing you to change out your art often. Create a room that transitions with your child or display a collage of small photo prints. The look is bold, sophisticated, and fun! They could even add style and sophistication to that wall full of business licenses that many offices have.

We Feature a Variety of Art From Local Artists

Paul Manktelow Lakeside Location

Paul Manktelow Disc Location

Wes Lee Lakeside Location

Wes Lee’s pieces are an exploration of within and without imagination. He began an expedition on an uncharted island and started documenting what he saw. Whether it be a seemingly barren landscape, or the forms of tentacles reaching up from the deep, this island held many secrets. Lee’s works serve as a field journal, and as he began to dive deeper into the mysteries of this space, he realized that his adventure was not an external experience at all, but these scenes served as a metaphor for his own personal existence! Each piece, through a variety of techniques ranging from printmaking to acrylic and charcoal, tells a deeply personal story with relatable and illustrative iconography. Lee’s pieces through ambiguous shapes and bold color pairing create splendors for the eye, and we are thrilled to be showcasing the adventurous work of Wes Lee in The Frame Shop at Lakeside’s Art Gallery!