Canvas Stretching

Simply Tell Us the Size & We Will Do the Rest


We offer canvas stretching and gallery wrap services for paintings and prints on canvas. Call us with your size and we can give you an estimate. (subject to material quality at inspection)

Gallery Wrapping!

Pictured below is a 7.5 x 8 ft gallery wrap in process and completed.

  • These photos show the stretcher bar frame as the canvas is stretched, and the finished piece.
  • A gallery wrap means that we wrap the image around the sides, as you can see in the picture on the left.
Gallery Stretching (2)
Gallery Stretch (2)

To the right is a sample of another gallery wrap. This picture is taken from an angle. Notice that you can see the picture from the side, as well as the front. Gallery wraps take more time because we can't simply stretch and staple the sides. We have to wrap it around to the back and be carefull where we staple.

Gallery Stretch 2