Specialty Mat Cuts

Add a Creative Touch to your Framing Project

What is a specialty mat cut? Most mat openings are cut in a typical rectangle shape. Specialty mat cuts are unusual shapes or designs cut into the mat instead of the usual right angles. A carefully chosen specialty mat cut can creatively enhance the art. There are so many shapes from which to choose, how do you know which one is the right one? As with most framing designs, there is no one right answer.

We took the same art and added different mat cuts. Which one do you like best?

Octangle – It has a feminine, vintage look.
Angle Array – It mimics the frills in the dress.
Camelback Flair – Its flowing lines match the dress.
Persian – It has a soft formal look.
Grecian Notch – It has a geometric formal look.
Nouveau – It has a bold, timeless look.


…hide unwanted items in the image.
…add softness and warmth to an image.

Multiple Mats: As you can see, a lot of specialty mat cuts require two mats, but you can play with the color for different effects.  Use two layers of the same color for a subtle look. Or, make one layer much brighter than the other to highlight something in the art.

…reflect a period of time.
…mimic the feel of the image.

Design Preview: See it framed before you buy it! We know how hard it can be to make a decision from just a corner sample. But not anymore! We can show you what that corner sample will look like all around your art BEFORE you say yes. Let us show you!


Yes! We can create custom mat cuts for you based on your framing design needs.

This customer wanted an extra touch to show the Sister’s devotion. A mat cut was designed to resemble a cross.

This custom cut was designed to emphasize and flow with the flames on the jacket.

What kind of specialty cut would add a creative spark to your art? We can do it!