New Year….New Look…

We’ve expanded! More Space…More Pre-Mades.

In September, we were able to take over the space next to us that used to be a boutique. Previously our shop, where we cut and join frames, had been crammed into a small space in the back of The Red Chair. With the additional space, our first priority was to create a larger shop space with more room for our tools and supplies.

We also closed our Sparks store at the end of September. As much as Dan felt that Sparks needed its own frame shop, after two years, there just wasn’t enough business to keep it open. In December, Dan finally had time to work on the new space in the front, as seen above. Customers have loved our premade frame selection, so we expanded it.

After we finished a couple of great days of continuing education in Chicago at FrameWorx, we flew to Kansas City to pick up our new delivery vehicle, a 1960 Ford Panel Van. Dan and I enjoyed some us-time while driving through Kanas, Nebraska and a short detour through Wyoming. And then….we broke the van in Salt Lake City and had to rent a car to drive home. We finally got it back, fixed after Thanksgiving. Check out the specialty plate!

But Wait….There’s More…..

In January we expect to finish remodeling the existing and new gallery space. In February we will be closed for a couple of days so that all four of us can attend the West Coast Art and Frame show in Las Vegas for three days of continuing education. Then the delivery van needs to get decked out with our logo and contact information and finally…..drumrolll…August brings us to our 50th Anniversary!