Professional Picture Framing near Truckee, CA

Your photos are more than just images. They are precious memories that you and your family get to reminisce on for years to come. With precious memories you want to relive and remember, ensure that they have an added touch with a beautifully crafted frame. No matter what your framing vision entails, trust the experts at The Frame Shop to get the job done well.

At The Frame Shop, we have professional picture framing services for anyone in or around Truckee, CA. With our framing services, you can be confident that we will uniquely frame every picture to embody the one-of-a-kind moment you captured.

What Framing Services Do We Provide?

Whether you have prints, photos, or posters, we proudly stand by the motto that once you name it, we can frame it. Our mouldings range from affordable to authentic specialized frames to ensure we tailor your unique frame to your personal style and budget.

From the finest Italian frames to authentic barn wood, we have you covered. We even offer museum and conservation glazing so that your frame is up to the standard you deserve.

Why Choose The Frame Shop?

At The Frame Shop, we will work with you to craft a frame that is personalized to you and your unique desires. We will follow the design you present to us, but we can also present you with a new one if you are unsure of a design that will accent your photos.

We want what is best for you, so you can be confident that we will not give you intimidating speeches or sales pitches. We will only give you advice on your product.

If you want professional photo framing services, come see us today or contact us through our contact page.